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SOMPO Mark(Nickname:The Global Ring)


The SOMPO Mark is a symbol of the SOMPO Group, which serves as a core element of its brand communication.
The nickname for the symbol mark is “The Global Ring”.
The red sphere symbolizes perfect harmony and stability, while simultaneously representing our nation of Japan. The overlaid platinum ring is a leader guiding towards our future, representing SOMPO Group’ s future in connecting with people of the world to create a “new level of trust”. Dynamic combination of the sphere and ring is an expression of our vision to build a globally competitive company, as a leading brand in Japan.

SOMPO Group Logo mark

The SOMPO Group logo mark is a logo mark to indicate the SOMPO Group.

Brand Slogan

SOMPO Group intends to give visible form to the abstract concepts of safety, security and health, and to realize a vision of the Group that solves social problems through its businesses and contributes to society as a presence that continuously supports the lives and happiness of its customers by appropriate use of advanced technologies, including digital technologies, while remaining close to the lives of “people,” who are the heart of society.

Brand Story

The brand story represents the mindset that we want to express through the slogan of a “A Theme Park for Security, Health & Wellbeing". It shows why the SOMPO Group aims for the vision , from what the SOMPO Group will change and the type of presence the SOMPO Group will become for customers to what the SOMPO Group will realize and how it will be realized.

A Theme Park for Security, Health & Wellbeing

This is a time of profound social change. A time that is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. We need to ensure that our mission reflects this new reality.

At heart, we respond to the deeply held desire of people to live safer, healthier and more secure lives.

Guided by this principle, we are transforming SOMPO from a company that steps in when the unexpected happens to one that actively contributes to a more fulfilling life. Rather than merely assisting customers in times of injury or accident, we will be a constant presence at their side—a partner who enhances every day.

To accomplish this, we will combine our group’s strengths to create high quality solutions that integrate powerful digital technology with sincere human connection to make life safe, healthy and secure. By matching these solutions to each customer’s needs, we will become a “theme park” of possibilities and opportunities for everyone.

As “A Theme Park for Security, Health & Wellbeing”, we will contribute to realizing a society in which each and every person is empowered to find the best way to lead a richer life.