2. Sustainability
  3. Art and Culture

Art and Culture

We promote and support art and cultural initiatives as an approach to contributing to the local community, particularly social education and youth development.

Sompo Museum of Art

Sompo Museum of Art has offered support to budding artists and promoted art appreciation in school education since its establishment in 1976. The museum’s collection includes one of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers as well as paintings by Gauguin, Cezanne and other impressionists, along with works by Grandma Moses, a US-born Naïve artist. The museum’s permanent exhibits including those mentioned above attract many fine art fans.

The Puppet Theater “Himawari Hall”

The Himawari Hall puppet theater opened on the 19th floor of the Sompo Japan Nagoya Building in October 1989. Since then, the theater has been operated by the local Aichi Puppetry Center with collaboration with the Sompo Group, and has played a role in promoting culture and contributing to the community. Recently the theater has organized tours around the country to provide performances, particularly for children affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, wishing to bring hope and smiles.