Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Human Resources Development

Sompo Holdings Group proactively promotes workforce diversity which contributes to maximize its capabilities by enhancing the interactions of employees from different backgrounds who respect and inspire each other.


Having a diverse workforce is more important than ever to pursue continued growth as a company to be chosen by a range of customers when lifestyles are becoming more diverse as a result of a declining birth rate, aging population, and globalization. Sompo Holdings Group promotes “inclusion,” which stands for cooperation in the workplace by embracing and respecting different views, values, and preferences of each other.

Group Personnel Vision

Action and Achievement

  • We value achievement, factual understanding and action in our work.
  • We value prompt action in our people.

Impartiality and Fairness

  • We value workplaces wherein all people are treated fairly and impartially and wherein everyone may have the opportunity to realize their potential.
  • We value people who demonstrate initiative and take challenges, not those who rest only on past achievements.


  • We value frank discussions and debate within transparent work environments based upon clear rules and procedures.


  • We value all our people as individuals, regardless of their gender,nationality, previous careers or other characteristics.

Human Resources Development

Sompo Japan defines a set of qualities and capabilities that are essential in competent employees that are sought after by the new company, and provides employee with trainings so that every individual can acquire these defined qualities. We are thus developing a professional force with dependable expertise and an attractive personality, thereby increasing our presence in the global market.

TOPICS 1. Female Employee Engagement

With female employees accounting for the majority of its entire workforce, Sompo Japan has implemented a range of initiatives to support female workers to play more active roles in various fields.

TOPICS2. Global Human Resources Development

As part of our effort to develop globally competitive human resources, Sompo Japan is implementing human resources development by combining an overseas training program with personnel assignment to the international business division under the periodic job rotation system.