The Group will contribute to promote the realization of a resilient and sustainable society by addressing environmental issues in the course of its business operations and proactively engage its stakeholders in forward looking dialogue. In order to hand down the precious global environment to future generations, the Sompo Group has set mid- to long-term goals of reducing GHG emissions to 60% compared to 2017 levels by 2030 and 100% by 2050 (scope 1,2,3 except investment).

Project for Community Contribution

Through the community contribution project, Sompo Japan will strive to contribute to solving social issues in the areas of “Environment,” “Security, Health and Wellbeing,” and “Education and Life” by furthering collaboration with NGOs/NPOs.
The company donates project funds as customers sign up for the “web-based insurance clause” option for car insurance, or actually use recycled parts for vehicle repairs in case of an accident.

Products and Services for Addressing Environmental Issues

The Sompo Group takes two approaches to the issue of climate change: “adaptation” for reducing risks associated with changes in the global environment; and “mitigation” by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In line with these concepts, the Group is endeavoring to research and develop products and services that help offer effective solutions to the global environmental issues.

Education and Research Projects for Environmental

Under the slogan “Fostering people who plant trees,” the Sompo Group collaborates with specialized NGOs/NPOs in offering environmental education programs aimed to help young people build environmental awareness and take action on their own initiative.
We are also continuing to host research projects together with specialists on studying contemporary social issues and providing solutions.