2. Corporate Social Responsibility
  3. Sompo Holdings Group’s CSR

Sompo Holdings Group’s CSR

The Sompo Holdings Group places CSR at the center of its management strategies to developing systems and implement initiatives and to fulfilling its corporate social responsibility.

CSR Initiatives and Promotion

To scale up Group wide CSR efforts, the Sompo Holdings Group established the Group CSR promotion framework, while stipulating Group CSR Vision, Group Environmental Policy, Group Policy for Human Dignity and Human Rights and Group’s Five CSR Material Issues. The Group continues to evolve its on-going CSR initiative, which is one of the Group’s strengths, by addressing social issues and drive the Group’s growth.

CSR Communication

The Sompo Holdings Group regards communication with various stakeholders as an essential activity for identifying social issues, building trust and cooperative relationships with stakeholders, and making greater CSR achievements. We make sure to maintain effective stakeholder engagement at all times when conducting CSR initiatives. The Sompo Holdings Group has evolved its CSR throughout all Group companies since its establishment in April, 2010. In July 2014 a new CSR division was set up in Sompo Holdings, and we are further accelerating CSR initiatives.

Products and Services that Help Solve Social Issues

The Sompo Holdings Group develops and offers products and services that provide solutions to various social issues, in a range of business areas, property and casualty insurance, life insurance and risk consulting, etc.

CSR Dialogue

The Sompo Holdings Group has held CSR dialogue meetings with a range of internal and external stakeholders on a continual basis starting from 2002, seeking to add a fresh dimension to its CSR initiatives.

External Recognition

CSR initiatives by the Sompo Holdings Group have won many accolades, including from research organizations and others.

Declarations to Society and Participation in CSR Initiative

To solve social issues on a global level, the collaboration of multiple organizations is indispensable. The Sompo Holdings Group actively participates and endeavors to take a leading role in a wide variety of international and domestic initiatives. The Sompo Holdings Group participates in a range of initiatives to help solve various socialissues.

ESG Investment (Sompo Japan)

As a signatory of the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) established by the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) and the UN Global Compact, Sompo Japan Insurance promotes responsible investment that takes the investees’ environmental, social, and governance initiatives into consideration, aiming to acquire mid- to long-term returns. The company is working to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by incorporating consideration for environmental issues including climate change and biodiversity, and for human rights, diversity and local communities into its work processes, in keeping with the Group CSR Vision.